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Know which are the top attractions in Zakynthos and how can you explore them the best way possible to have a great travel itinerary in Zakynthos

There are plenty of interesting things to do on this amazing Greek island but the top 7 attractions are the ones that you must do, whether you are in Zakynthos at least one week travel (or even less in case you really spend the time visiting.

Here is a travel map where you can see the top 7 things to do location in Zakynthos, before I actually provide you insights and tips how to explore them in a perfect manner.


These are for me the most spectacular things to do in Zakynthos and that will leave you completely surrendered to the beauty of this Ionian Island.


Shipwreck Beach is probably the main reason most people come to Zakynthos on the first place, there I was no exception. But for me it wasn’t the beach in itself that was the magnet, but the views from it, that are also what make it famous. So to get to the viewpoint you need to drive to Volimes, and from there follow the signs to the Shipwreck viewpoint , it’s well marked but do check your GPS. It’s a very narrow and winding road, so count with a good 30 minutes to get there.

After you park the car, walk all the way down to where the Greek flag is and a little beyond (20-30 meters max) for the best views. The best angle was for me right at the flag pole,where there is a small memorial to someone that fell from there. So careful with selfies and avoid walking near the cliff edges, its slippery. Also note that there is no path down to the beach from any of these viewpoints, you can only go to the beach by boat , on your own rental motorboat or on an excursion.

The best time to take pictures from here is between 11am and 3pm, because there is no shadow on the beach or sea. Despite the scorching sun and the difficult path (count with 20-30 minutes to get there and back plus plenty of photos), its well worth it, I simply thought this was even better then I imagined. And lucky you, the parking lot has a couple of mini – businesses that sell beverages, local products (honey, almonds, olive oil, wine) and ice creams. by the way it was the seller at one of them that told me where the best spot was.

Out of curiosity, the original cove was much smaller, but thanks to this stranded ship in the 70’s, the sand bank was created around it to form the present scenario, somehow a sign that nature and man when they “cooperate”, something amazing can be created.

To be at the beach go back to Volimes and at the crossroad head to Porto Vromi /Maries, after a good 20 minutes you will be on the local harbour where boats depart to visit the beach and the nearby caves. It should cost you around 30€ for half a day but most companies offer a 8-hours trip for 60€ or more also to visit the blue caves on the northeast part of the island. Still if you can, I do suggest that you rent a motorboat (like in the Southern part) for around 35€ an hour with gas and do it yourself with your travel companions. It will be an unforgettable trip, but warn you that on the beach itself isn’t so spectacular like from above, its usually full of tourists and there is no infrastructure (fortunately!) . I hope my pics do it some justice, enjoy them!


Banana beach is one of the best beaches in Zakynthos and by far the the most hype place in Zakynthos in my opinion. It was for me the great beach experience across the Ionian, with a long sandy beach, lovely paradise blue waters and a great beach bar to make you enjoy a good meal and drinks. The fact that it was fairly empty also made it even nicer for me. A sun umbrella and 2 sunchairs cost a mere 10€ at Banana Beach Bar, that also offers free parking and wi-fi. With this I don’t mean that I need to have all the infrastructure to enjoy a beach, but I really liked the beach vibes here, made feel sometimes like I was somewhere in the Caribbean. It’s 30 minutes from Zakynthos Town as well as from Laganas Bay.


is almost the opposite of Banana Beach, wilder and no bars. The main reason why Gerakas remains unexploited is because its a protected area, home of the local turtles that come to this beach to lay their eggs under the sands .So the daily access to this beach is limited from 9am to 8pm, to allow precisely the turtles in June and July to come to the beach under the darkness cover, as during the day they will rarely risk to be spotted by the travellers here.

Gerakas is also the Southernmost tip of the Vassilikos peninsula, so from here you need to go then back to the main road. What I also loved here was the beautiful turtle preservation centre, that tries to protect the species and look after the main nature marine park sites. I recommend to spend here half a day on the available sun umbrellas and sunchairs or just stay on the beach. The eggs nests are all signalised and off limits to visitors, so that visitors can endanger them. Sunchairs and umbrellas fees are used to invest in the turtle preservation efforts.


Zakynthos town might be on of the most beautiful cities in the Greek islands. This is even more remarkable after the terrible earthquake in 1953 that destroyed part of the city. However it still preserves the mediterranean charm of a greek-venetian city, with its huge port being one of the busiest across the Greek islands.

What I liked most of Zakynthos Town was the nice promenade by the harbour, culminating at the huge town hall square. From there you start walking into the town’s heart in a maze of streets and alleys, often covered with flowers. Also the choice of restaurants and cafés here is quite large, so I can recommend a few. You can also visit the ruins of the Venetian castle at top of the hill for nice views but be careful to avoid the high temperatures in Summer.


Exploring by boat the southern coast of Zakynthos to see the Keri Caves, Turtle island and plenty of hidden bays is one of those unforgettable experiences in Zakynthis.

You won’t get tired of hidden coves, sea arches in towering cliffs and many caves that you can enter with the boat and even go through them. And for snorkeling and diving fans, Turtle island (aka Marathonisi) will give you the best chance to spot various fish species and of course the famous turtles that inhabit the region. There is also a small beach on the Eastern tip, that is great for a good relaxing swim. The total trip with some stops takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on how many time you will spend at each stop. You should rent the boat or book an excursion at Keri beach, as there are plenty of good companies there. My favorite was the Big Blue , as they offered a good price and I really liked the service as they instructed me very well and offered a cooler for the trip plus water bottles for free. Expect to pay 35€ per hour including gas.


Porto Limnionas can be quite a distance from most cities in Zakynthos but its worth a visit for its rocky bay with crystal clear waters. It doesn’t have a beach but there are plenty of platforms and rocky edges from where you can dive in and have a swim. Water is slightly colder here but still a pleasant cool dive to experience something different in Zakynthos. Beware of the stairs as you need to go some time up and down.


Blue Caves in Northeastern Zakynthos are one of those places that seem unreal. Composed of several sea arches, these seem to form a perfect line alignment for the best pictures. To swim here is quite rough in comparison with other locations but its quite worth seeing it. The only chance is by boat, either combining it with a trip to Shipwreck Beach or then leaving from Agios Nikolaos on a tour. Both options are great but still I would recommend that you try to do it from Agios Nikolaos area.


Cameo island is for me the 8th wonder in the island of Zakynthos. Its located right off Laganas Bay, with a lovely wooden bridge connecting to the main island, being a very trendy location with a small rocky beach and a nice bar just to chill out and enjoy great views. Interesting enough it’s also a preferred venue for weddings and events, it has even featured in the famous musical film Mamma Mia! The entry is 5€ per person but no free drinks at the bar, instead you get a nice key ring with your picture in it… kind of original, right?!


Zakynthos is much more than Shipwreck beach, explore the basics of this great travel guide namely how to get there and how to discover this Greek island in the Ionian Sea

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