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There are several beautiful Greek islands but Corfu, Zakynthos and Kefalonia are worth a visit for its diversity in beaches, caves, bays, green mountains and cultural sites.

The Ionian Sea is where Southern Greece separates from Southern Italy, with 7 Greek islands forming part of a special archipelago. Special because its one of the most iconic locations of Greek heroes such as Ulysses, Achilles and he 3 islands I have visited, all have their uniqueness to be explored one by one, but can you also combine them to make an unforgettable trip.

Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos (Zante) are the crown jewels out of the 7 Ionian islands that compose this archipelago west of mainland Greece, around 500km away from the omnipresent Athens. All have distinct characters, so I will define in a compact manner the characteristics of each one , before I share with you some travel tips. more details by island will also follow on separate posts. I must say that I liked them all, but Corfu was probably the most special one.


Corfu is known as the Emerald isle, is where I had the best travel experience, also because I felt it was the less crowded and not so touristic like other islands. It has great large beaches as well as small hidden coves and lovely caves that one can explore even better by boat.

Corfu town, the Corfu island capital, is a Mediterranean gem mixing Venice, Greece and Roman heritages in an unparalleled beautiful setting.

And you can’t miss the North with its unique limestone sea cliffs and caribbean blue waters where you can plunge in warm waters among beautiful landscapes.

Finally the food and the people there just make your experience become unique and personal, Corfu really has it all!


Kefalonia is probably the magic island of Greece, that is going to surprise with you with the most azure waters in beautiful bays, encircled by a green lush scenario.

When I saw Myrtos beach for the 1st time I was so impressed that I had to make sure that I was awake. This followed by the postcard village of Assos, that seem taken out of any great Italian movie (actually it was the scenario for Captain Corelli’s film with Nicholas Cage and Penélope Cruz) settings.

Then you have the outstanding caves of Melissani and Drogarati, like from a fairy tale book .

And to finalize, Argostoli, a city that is located literally on a hill, with streets that look copied from San Francisco, except for the missing tram lines, still preserving its nice Venetian elegance.


Zakynthos or Zante, also nicknamed “La Fiori di Levante” (Flower of the East) by the Venetians, will simply leave you speechless with its iconic Shipwreck (aka Navagio) beach, a pure nature landscape that was also helped by the fact that a ship stranded there ended up creating that beach.

In South Zakynthos you will be surprised by the long sandy beaches, being Banana beach and Gerakas my favorite choices against the more touristic Laganas Bay, that is more indicated for party people. Also here a motorboat trip will make you fall in love with an amazing coastline with caves, secluded bays and mesmerizing sea arches that you can ride through with a small boat. And with luck you will snorkel and spot some turtles swimming around Marathonissi or even at Gerakas, where they lay their eggs, offspring is in August!

Finally, the lovely Zakynthos town, that despite a terrible earthquake in 1953, still keeps this island flair across its streets, especially at the end of the day when it starts to cool down and people fill in the piazzas and terrasses near the harbour. So please be on alert for my posts by island, where I will share with you itineraries, travel tips and key experiences!

So I hope you could get the main spots from each of these 3 amazing Ionian islands, you can then have a look to the separate blog posts by island! And any questions, please drop me a message!


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My name is Renato Azambujo. I live currently in Hamburg, but was born and raised in sunny capital of Portugal, Lisbon. I also lived in Switzerland for some years, before settling in Germany for the last years.

I am huge passionate about travel, photographer and a global explorer, always looking to the next destination.

I have so far visited over 70 countries across the 5 continents, because I really love knowing about new places, interact with different cultures and get to know myself better after each journey.

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