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Know when to go to Cyprus and what to see with a top attractions list that will make you want to visit now

Cyprus is an amazing island that has more than offer than just sunny beaches, even if some of them seem taken from the Caribbean.

Perfectly located between Europe and Middle East, it merges the best of both cultures, with an amazing cultural heritage from Romans, Byzantines, Greeks, Turks and even the Templar Knights.

What really fascinated me here was to not only relax at the beach, trying to find the best spot in the island, but also the fact that Cyprus has the last divided capital of the World, just like Berlin was some decades ago.

The curious thing is that despite the “unofficial” border that you need to cross on foot or by car, as Northern Cyprus Republic independence was never recognized after the 1974 war, the people and the costumes are quite the same. Of course they are differ in terms of religion, politics and language but both are extremely friendly and welcoming. More infos on what you need to cross the border below.

And at the end what seemed a perfect beach holiday, turns out to be a discovery journey, where you experience 2 countries in 1 island with in terms of cuisine, architecture, historic locations and religious sites.

And its the perfect combination , being so close to European mainland, but warm and sunny like no other European country, except maybe Greece and Turkey, precisely the countries behind each part of the island. The South offers you the best beaches and some nice religious and roman sites, whilst the North winds you away with the mountain range, old Byzantin Churches Ruins and fortresses and castles.

So below you find a recommendation for each part of the island, where I tried to combine the best of the different regions based on my experience and what really seems a must see.

If you have any questions or need some help, contact me. Before that, please look at the routes below , travel tips and my pictures in this blog to inspire you on what would you like to do.

Cyprus East Coast & North (recommended 8 days)

Cyprus West Coast & South (recommended 7 days)

Itinerary East & North Cyprus

  • Day 1: Larnaca Airport / Ayia Napa Hotel
  • Day 2: Ayia Napa/ Capo Greco/ Protaras/ Ayia Napa
  • Day 3: Ayia Napa (Nissi Beach)
  • Day 4: Ayia Napa/ Nicosia/Bellapais Abbey/ Kyrenia/ St. Hilarion and/or Buffavento/ Ayia Napa
  • Day 5: Ayia Napa (Nissi Beach)
  • Day 6: Ayia Napa/ Famagusta/ Ayia Napa
  • Day 7: Ayia Napa / Larnaca/ Ayia Napa
  • Day 8: Ayia Napa Hotel/ Larnaca Airport

Itinerary West & South Cyprus

  • Day 1: Paphos Airport / Paphos Hotel (Coral Bay or Paphos directly)
  • Day 2: Paphos/ Coral Bay/ Baths of Aphrodite/ Paphos Castle & Marina/ Paphos Hotel
  • Day 3: Paphos/ Paphos sites/ Coral Bay/ Paphos
  • Day 4: Paphos/ Coral Bay/ Paphos
  • Day 5: Paphos/ Kykkos Monastery/ Limassol/ Kolossi Castle/ Kourion/ Aphrodite’s Rock sunset/ Paphos
  • Day 6: Paphos relax day
  • Day 7: Paphos Hotel Airport/ Paphos Airport

Travel Tips:

  • Cyprus is divided between Turkish and Greek governments, with an unofficial border splitting both countries since the 1974 war, Nicosia is the capital for both sides and is divided into 2
  • EU citizens can pass the border by presenting their citizen cards or passports as Cyprus is part of EU, other countries need passports, being most of them Visa free
  • If you fly in to Ercan aiport, on the Turkish area, you won’t be allowed to cross to the Greek area of the island, but the contrary doesn’t apply
  • Rental cars can cross the border upon a payment for an insurance (3 days – 20€, etc.)
  • In Nicosia, you can cross the border on foot, going via border control, and take a bus to visit Northern
  • Water temperature in Summer reaches almost 30 degrees and it’s still 25 degrees in October
  • Best time to visit May /June and September/ October, not so hot and less crowds
  • Some good hotels: Nissi Beach Plage, Grecian Bay and Grecian Sands (Ayia Napa), Capo Bay (Protaras), Coral Bay Resort (Paphos area)
  • My favorite restaurants Vassos Fish Taverna, Isaac’s Tavern
  • If you want to visit both parts of Cyprus then you can use the combination of the above itineraries
  • Do recommend to change from Paphos area to Ayia Napa Area, when making West or Eastern Part of Cyprus respectively, Northern Cyprus can be combined with any of them, but its less driving time if you are located on the Eastern part
  • Most important: Each person is different, so each individual is free to choose their own journey, depending on their interests and budget

Contact me for a personalized itinerary or if you have any specific questions

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My name is Renato Azambujo. I live currently in Hamburg, but was born and raised in sunny capital of Portugal, Lisbon. I also lived in Switzerland for some years, before settling in Germany for the last years.

I am huge passionate about travel, photographer and a global explorer, always looking to the next destination.

I have so far visited over 70 countries across the 5 continents, because I really love knowing about new places, interact with different cultures and get to know myself better after each journey.

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